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I’m an accomplished Software Engineer eager to contribute my coding, testing, and administrative support skills. With a year’s experience at Cognizant, I excelled in Java, Spring Boot, and Hibernate, crafting efficient APIs and seamless data persistence. My dynamic web development proficiency, encompassing Servlets, JSP, and Spring MVC, ensures smooth user interactions. I’m driven by continuous learning, certified in Python, and workshops in IoT, Android, and Data Science. My Master’s in Computer Applications, coupled with a passion for improvement, aligns perfectly with your team’s goals. I’m excited to discuss how I can elevate your projects.



Master's in Computer Application 2022
Pratibha Institute of Business Management

MCA : 2021 - 2022 ( 80.79% ) Project : KOEL GPS • Designed and developed KOEL GPS, a web-based application for tracking and managing vehicles, resulting in significant improvements in operational efficiency, user engagement, and data accuracy. • Implemented frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap for a responsive and visually appealing user interface, enhancing user engagement and driving positive user experiences. • Developed the Java backend and integrated MongoDB as the database, optimizing data processing, system functionality, and data retrieval speed, resulting in improved operational efficiency and seamless synchronization of real-time data. various information like position of the vehicle, its driver, fuel type, speed etc. was collected by a gateway device and was reflected in our project. It was build using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap as a frontend having Java as backend and MongoDB served as Database.

BCA, Computer Application 2020
Pratibha college of commerce and computer studies

BCA : ( 69.16% ) I have developed Hotel management system and bank management system in VB .NET technology. In hotel management the customer can book a room or cancel his booking , book a table and payment system. And in Bank management system customer can open his account and do certain transaction such as transfer money , deposit and withdraw money and also check his bank balance

Work & Experience

Software Engineer Trainee August 27, 2021 - August 13, 2022

• Developed and maintained cutting-edge, enterprise-level core Java applications for diverse clients, ensuring seamless functionality and exceeding performance expectations. • Leveraged the Spring Boot framework to architect and implement highly efficient and scalable RESTful APIs, significantly enhancing the overall performance and user experience of the applications. • Successfully implemented the Hibernate ORM framework, demonstrating expertise in mapping Java objects to relational databases, resulting in streamlined data access, manipulation, and persistence. • Employed the latest Java 8 features, harnessing the power of functional programming, lambda expressions, and streams to create more concise and maintainable code. • Proficiently utilized Servlet and JSP technologies to develop dynamic web pages and build robust server-side logic, ensuring seamless interaction between clients and servers. • Effectively utilized the Spring MVC framework to design and implement the presentation layer of web applications, facilitating smooth user interactions and enhanced user experiences. • Deployed applications on the Tomcat server, showcasing a solid understanding of server configurations and administration to ensure optimal performance and reliability. • Demonstrated expertise in Git version control, ensuring seamless collaboration, proper versioning, and effective branching strategies among team members for streamlined development processes. • Actively pursued continuous learning and remained updated with the latest advancements in Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Servlets, JSP, and other relevant technologies, maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving tech landscape. • Proficiently utilized SQL to optimize database performance, craft complex queries, and ensure data integrity, leveraging UNIX and Linux environments to troubleshoot technical issues and maintain system stability.

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